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Welcome to Smart-Parts-Direct

We are dedicated to the Smart brand, supplying parts for SERVICE and/or REPAIRall models 1996 to 2017.

  • REPAIR covers all replacement BODY Panels, and Structural repair parts you might require for front or rear ends.

Our parts are sourced from France, Germany, Italy and other EU countries, being OE or manufactured to OE (Original Equipment) standard. 

Many accessory type parts for the first models - original model 450 CityCoupe (1996-2001), 450 Fortwo (2002-06), 452 roadster (2003-05), 454 forfour (2003-05), are now already discontinued, or on low stocks; Smart never planned to make or sell the parts forever. When these stocks run dry there will be no further possible supply.

We sell painted body panels for the 450 fortwo, and 451 fortwo (2007-13), and to limited extent the 452 roadster. These panels were originally manufactured for Smart in colours; but production ceased as production moved on to each next generation cars; all body panels for ALL model smarts (including 453 fortwo and forfour) are now supplied only in dull dark grey, being unfinished so must be painted by the customer. Smart are only following how all other car manufacturers operate.

Our painter is a local bodyshop, who do repairs for many local used car dealers, at a very cheap trade rate. This gives the benefit of better prices than available to customers locally where the cost can be typically 2-4 times more. Painting takes 3 to  5 days as they are normally very busy, due to them fitting in around their own work. Our painted body panels have actually decreased in price since 2011, we believe our prices to be unbeatable! If not, then we do sell the panels unpainted, for the customer to arrange painting him/her self. We supply painted in any of the original standard Smart colours. For more information, see our 450 or 451 Body Panels sections (limited 452 also).

The only other source to buy coloured panels would be car dismantlers/breakers, which obviously will display wear/scuffs/scratches, even cracks, and they STILL sell at high prices.




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