Smart Parts Direct - Terms and Conditions 

We sell parts only for the SMART brand; no other makes/models.

Parts - Our policy is to sell NEW products. There may be a very few instances where we are showing parts which are not new, but described as "as new", this is where smart have discontinued production entirely after the model was discontinued for 5 or more years, and there is no further stock at their factory-warehouse in Germany - (example - many cabrio convertible roof parts) - we provide "as new" in such case (IF we have been able to find them); example: a used clock or interior part is going to be just as reliable.
We are not breaking or stripping cars, if this is what you want, you need to find a car breaker; these do regularly charge higher prices for a used part than would have cost when new!

Company - Private Ltd Company, based in NE of UK. Operated by long-term Smart-owners/drivers FOR Smart owners (bought our first smart city coupe in 1997). We are mail-order, parts are sent out by post/carrier - think of Amazon - like them also we do not have a walk-around store. There is a seller in Berlin using a "" website name (how does that work?) advertising Smart Parts Direct who have duped some people in United Kingdom into paying delivery prices from Germany, needless to say they are NOT connected to us. And another despicable seller in Somerset, UK bought a website address which WE had set up and forgot to renew, so that a search for our name would direct people to their site. We have been for a long time the biggest seller of Smart parts worldwide, bigger than any single Smart-Mercedes or original Smart center.

Prices - All prices are shown in the UK currency Great Britain Pound (GBP). Our customers make payments in GBP, but will be charged on their card in their own local currency at the instant bank conversion rate; to find the price in your own currency you need only search online for example "GB pound to US dollar rate". We are a retailer, we have one only ONE price to all, Any genuine motor trader need only call their own local official Smart /Mercedes dealer and prove to them they are a trade source (they might give you 2½% - will vary according to types of part). We are not showing or adding any additional tax to the displayed prices - as above the price displayed is for all. We know that UK prices are less than retail in HongKong, Japan, USA, Australia, if you live in most countries you are getting a better deal from us even with the shipping added, as most Smart dealers will not send out parts. As a matter of info, Mercedes dealers are the only source of genuine Smart parts, and in many countries there are no dealers that even have the Smart parts system and thus can not (will not) supply any Smart parts at all; dealers are not allowed to sell outside their allocated franchise area so cannot remove tax (i.e. if based in the EU they are not allowed to sell into other countries like USA).

Website Photos - we endeavour (wherever possible) to show correct pictures of the parts we are offering, for seldomly-sold parts we may not have ever taken a picture so rely on a generic one.

Payment Methods:

Sagepay Secure Payments - is our online Payment Gateway, used by many thousands of online retailers - where we accept card payment by Visa or Mastercard only.

Paypal is also offered for small or lower priced items only, Paypal is not cost effective to the seller on higher prices.

Others: - On request, we can accept payments by Bank Transfer or Western Union, details can be supplied. No cheques or "bank drafts" are accepted. 

Stocks, Despatch, DeliveryOrders on our online system are downloaded usually by end of same working day; they will be worked on at the first opportunity. 75% of customer orders are sent out by the second working day; although we quote that our despatch time will be within 10 days (Mon to Fri), to cover us for any restocking situations or body panel painting. We will notify any customer if and as soon as we get to know of any delay that will extend over 10 working days. Delivery time will take from 1-4 days (in UK). EVERY customer is sent a "shipped today" email from our shipping system - so ensure you spell your own email address correctly - many do not, and so never see that email. International delivery times will take longer, see below. We have constant normal restocking procedures, in line with all auto parts departments (especially mercedes) - their practice is to keep popular fast moving items and reorder others as required. As stated, we rely on some stockists outside UK. WE arrange ALL shipping, we have a lot of experience and are good at finding the best and cheapest way for each destination, we have to date shipped to 67 countries during our 13 years trading!

Mail itemsalways sent by 1st class post (by Royal Mail, the UK postal service); by a recorded service except for very small value items, we may sometimes offer a choice.. Saturday Guaranteed deliveries will incur a special postal class/price; note that "Special Delivery" does not necessarily include Saturday, but could very probably arrive by chance; if Saturday is a requirement then choose Saturday-Guaranteed, which carries a premium fee.
International post - is stated by Royal Mail to leave the UK the next working day after we take them to our post office (Mon to Fri); they/we have no control over how long these will take to deliver, advice from Royal Mail is only to allow for "5-10 working days", delivery date being factored by the time required for your own destination country postal service to get it to you; local customs may also affect this.

Carrier deliveries - We always book these as economically as possible, utilising a shipping system which chooses the most economical price from a number of major carriers. Carrier deliveries in UK are not offered on Saturdays without higher payment (typically £20 to £25). We know that shipping to US from UK is cheaper in that direction - it would cost 2x or 3x to send that same item the other way round, we have ourselves experienced 36US$ is the US minimum for international air parcel coming our way, we send lots of stuff with FedEx or DHL to the US for around £20 to £30.

Tracking details - are provided to customers by email from our shipping system, at the time we book each shipment out. Parcelforce use a SMS/text system to notify progress to customers who have given us their mobile number (this is for UK only).

Problems with delivery - We send by Sign For services, which occasionally results in returns stating reason “not collected”, we cannot accept responsibility that “courier/postman did not leave a card” – this is part of their job to do this – we are told by postal services that, too many times, people just dispose of these cards as junk mail without reading them .If an item is returened to us it could take many weeks, and we are not refunded; so to send it again will incur further cost to the customer.

Damage - We take great care to pack everything we send out, as carefully as possible. Damaged parcels should either not be accepted by customer, or opened and inspected in front of the carrier driver, in both cases get a signature. Where refused we will need to make a claim on the carrier. If you open something after the carrier has gone, and you find damage you MUST contact the carrier depot immediately as they will otherwise not accept any claim; we cannot make a claim our end unless you have done this, it has to be the customer first, the driver will have to return to view the item. Customer has duty to return any damaged item to us for inspection, or at least to send photograph of the damage, we will advise at the time - before any replacement or refund can be considered - this is normal business practice of any supplier/seller. Replacement goods will be sent only after the first item gets back to us (or if photographed, as we may agree at the time). A return address must be requested first, as may differ as shown on our invoices.

Returns - For overseas customers (not in UK) - Parts purchased from this site are SOLD, not just to be viewed. Due to the high cost involved for packaging and outward shipping from the UK, if we were to agree at all to accept items back it will be conditional on the acceptation of customer that they will bear the already expended outward shipping cost, and the customer will be responsible to pay for the return shipping; any damage occurring on the return leg is at risk of the customer having insured the package for the full invoiced value. Any returned items will be subject to inspection on arrival, to ensure they have not been used, and are in same undamaged condition as prior to being shipped out by us, so proper and careful packaging is essential. This procedure must be followed before any refund can be considered.

And where parts were correctly supplied according to the customer's order input, at our discretion a restocking fee will be levied before any refund/replacement is made. Any item sent as replacement because of original mis-order on customer's part, will obviously incur a charge to be paid by customer for second outward shipment.

  And - Finally:  For body panels, make sure you know LEFT from RIGHT.

 LeftRightSidesDirecton     ShakeHandsRR

It makes no difference if you are stood in front of the car, or behind it, the very simple answer is it is not like looking in a mirror - and saying the LEFT of the car is same as your left hand!
If instead of the car, you were facing another person and shaking hands, it is not your right hand shaking his left, is it ?
Sit in the car - Left and Right are told by which side of the car the driver sits - Or put another way - when you are driving and turn left or right, it is the same as the side of the car!

Wrongly ordered panels will be buyers responsibility for cost of return and subsequent re-shipment; and a restocking fee may be applied by us for the returned panel.

Paint Colours:

We get panels painted to order, to original standard Smart colours - done by a separate local Paintshop. Who have done us over 3000 panels across 10 years. Colours are according to the Smart given colour-code formulas, and are checked against a new original smart part wherever we can. We have to point out that the 450 models were manufactured from 1996 to 2005 (451 production began 2005) - so your 450 car must now be a minimum of 14 years old (possibly up to 22); 451 panels can now be 13 years old also - so colours of your existing panels may have some fading or discolouration which is unavoidable and impossible for us to account for - this could show a small colour difference to our painted panel. We can only provide the best match possible given that the car is not in front of the Painter. There is an additional problem if your car has already been resprayed elsewhere. As above - they are painted to original standard smart colours. The painting process takes between 3-5 days, this depends on the Painter's workload ; in addition we cannot possibly keep every panel in immediate stock so could add 1-3 days to obtain (may have to be from mainland europe); we are normally ready to despatch a panel around the 5th working day, following the order date. Due to the very large size boxes being required for many of the panels, we may use a 48hr service for UK where necessary to save setting a higher shipping charge.

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